Project 3: Charles Spencer Anderson

business cards I’m so glad that I was introduced to Charles S. Anderson for this project. I absolutely adore his work, but beyond that I admire his business and what he has accomplished. His design is clean and simple and relies heavily on color to get a point across. I really respond to the “vintage”/”retro” quality to his designs. Post-war America produced some beautiful design, from advertising to furniture to dreamy color palettes and more. When I’m stuck for an idea, I immediately go to his website for inspiration.

I like that he can jump from bold, super-saturated color (French Paper Co. work )  to a more muted, fifties-inspired palette, but it’s all identifiable as CSA design.


Color Strategy

It took me a while (as usual) to decide on my color strategy. I wasn’t sure what form the project should take and once I figured that out, how I would use color.

In the researching phase, I was having so much fun with swatches, looking at them, analyzing them, creating palettes of my own. With the Adobe  tools taught to me in this class (Kuler, color guide, swatch libraries) I decided to explore the way typography and color interplay with each other.

I have color associations with everything, absolutely everything, type included. As soon as a typeface is mentioned I have a color reaction to it. For this project, I wanted to use that intuitive sense of color and refine using the tools available to me. I chose 26 typefaces, one starting with each letter of the alphabet, and created a color palette for each one. I started with my intuitive sense and chose one defining color and came up with a palette of five based on that one using Kuler. I searched words in Kuler that I associated with the particular typeface, then altered the palette to my liking. For example with Helvetica, I searched “corporate” and came up with several palettes with primary and secondary colors, bright hues and black and white.

This project really opened me up to color. I tend to rely too much on my own sense of what color to use in my projects. Now I have a greater understanding and appreciation for these tools and can create more interesting color schemes.

Graphic Designer Logo

In an effort to brand myself (yeah, I said it) I’m trying to craft a mark for myself and have had a very difficult time doing so. I love creating marks and logotypes for other people/companies, but this is so personal and important; I get overwhelmed. These are a few examples of local designers’ logos I’m using as inspiration.


clever, bold, elegant

jj logo

elegant yet whimsical; jealous of her initials


I'm not sure if this is an ampersand or a designed mark; Love it regardless.