The Next Great Artist

Work of Art

Work of Art



This show is insulting, infuriating,  and pointless…and I can’t stop watching it. The entire concept is ridiculous, pitting visual artist against one another the Bravo standardized competition reality show format, duking it out week after week until only one is left…the Next Great Artist. What the hell does that mean? And who decides? And how?And how can anyone in any art world actually take any of these artists seriously after they’ve appeared on this show? I know that exposure of any kind is important to an artsist, but something about this theater is just icky. And cheap.

Having said that, I do like most of the artists on the show. I think they are talented and interested and for the most part established artists in their own right. Except for Lola, the 24 year old sexpot who  revealed  that her mother dated Al Pacino for ten years. Vitally important information, for sure. She even provided viewers photographic proof. Puke.

One of the reasons that I continue to watch the show is that it inspires me every week to make art. I pull out a sketchbook and markers and just draw, sketch, think on paper. And that’s a good thing.


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