Class Presentation Responses

Faith Ringold

I had never heard of Faith Ringold, but was amazed by her work and life story. She was able to accomplish so much as an artist, even though her race and gender presented immense challenges to her. I liked her “Super Realism” approach to painting. I paint (rarely) and have the same sort of relationship to color.

Frank Miller

I’ve been a fringe fan of Miller’s since I saw the trailer for Sin City. I loved the movie but (not being a huge fan of graphic novels or “comics”) never got that into him. I’m glad I got to see more of his work during the presentationHis use of one bold color as a focal point in a black and white setting is phenomenal.  I’ll definitely check out more of his work, not just the film adaptations.
Nam Jun Baik

I don’t quite understand the meaning of a lot of  Baik’s work, but I did enjoy the presentation and responded to it on an intuitive level. Technology, its uses, overuses and its growing dominance in our current culture, fascinate me. I appreciated his dissection/commentary on the subject. I am a non-apologetic TV junkie but also realize the absurdity of spending one’s time sitting in front of box for hours on end. I think that Baik feels the same way I do. I appreciate that he has respect for his subjects even as he critiques them.


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