Krug Q&A pt.2

1. In Chapter, Krug discusses simplifying text. Find an example of a site that uses too much text. Copy and paste that text to your blog, and do a rewrite to omit needless words.
2. Navigation is the focus of Chapter 6. Find a site that does a great job of navigation that may include tabs, breadcrumbs, a “you are here” indication, repeated navigation, etc. Put a link to that site on your blog, and give a description of what the desiger did right.


1. lou malnati’s [here’s the copy from the site]

”  Lou’s News

[1]Welcome to Lou Malnati’s!  Lou’s is the home of the BEST Chicago-style deep dish pizza in the world!  If you love a buttery, flakey crust, sweet and tangy tomatoes, gooey mozzarella cheese, perfectly seasoned sausage, and other fresh ingredients- you’ve come to the right place.  We pride ourselves on making each handmade pizza just the way you like it.

[2]With multiple locations, and growing, there’s a Lou’s that can serve you for all of your catering needs!  Our catering dishes are freshly prepared in our stores with the same quality ingredients that we are famous for.  We are the perfect solution for corporate meetings, social gatherings, holiday parties, and casual get-togethers.  We have delicious food and convenient party packages at affordable prices.  Give our catering team a call, and we’ll take care of it all!  Call 847-562-1918 to speak with one of our catering representatives today!

[3]Lou Malnati’s Tastes of Chicago packages make the perfect gift for any occasion.  Tastes of Chicago is a division of Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria that ships Lou Malnati’s famous deep dish pizza and other windy City favorites nationwide.  Visit to order online or order by phone at 1-800-LOU-TO-GO.  Whether you want to indulge yourself, share these great tastes of Chicago with your friends and family, or if you just miss the flavors of home, Tastes of Chicago has everything you crave!

Lou Malnati’s – Top Chicago Workplace 2010

[4]Lou Malnati’s made the exclusive list of the top 100 places to work in Chicago!  We were ranked #4 as a Top Large Employer by our employees and we are beyond honored!  The list is compiled of “local companies that workers credited with having dynamic, supportive and inclusive cultures.”

Click here to view current employment opportunities!

Schaumburg Restaurant Renovation

[5]Construction as been completed on the new portion of the long-standing Lou Malnati’s located at the southeast corner of Schaumburg and Roselle Roads in Schaumburg.  The new section, which was constructed adjacent to the original building, consists of a new kitchen and a carry-out area.  Lou Malnati’s and the Village of Schaumburg celebrated the opening of the new building on Thursday, October 28th, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and friendly pizza contest between the officials from the Village.

The redevelopment was a joint project between the Village of Schaumburg and Lou Malnati’s.  The expansion and renovations have created a more practical and user-friendly space in the pizzeria, including separate waiting areas for carry-out and dine-in customers, improved parking accommodations, and a new state of the art kitchen.  The final improvements, which include the addition of two handicapped-accessible restrooms on the first floor and a handicapped accessible ramp from the parking lot, are scheduled to be completed by Christmas.

2010 Holiday Hours

[6]The holiday season is fast approaching!  Although we’d love to see you each and every day, please take a look at our holiday hours before coming by.
All locations will be CLOSED Christmas Day.  “

There are way too many words on this home page, mostly because they’ve chosen to post long stories that belong on an about page. The first section”Lou’s News”  consists of three paragraphs that could be whittled down to one and a separate clickable graphic to emphasize the “Tastes of Chicago” division, maybe explained by one sentence or phrase.

Paragraph four could exist only as the headline “Lou Malnati’s – Top Chicago Workplace 2010” that is a clickable link to the full story.

Paragraph five re: the Schaumburg renovation is barely interesting even if you live in Schaumburg. It should also simply b a headline/link to the story on another page.

The Holiday Hours section should definitely be at the top of the page (since this is the only “news” anyone can actually use) and simplified as well. We know that “the holiday season is fast approaching.” It doesn’t need to be said.

Holiday Hours is all that needs to be said and as long as it’s at the top, undrlined and/or in another color, it should stand out as a link to the hours.

2. I think the Columbia website actually does a good job with their navigate, and there’s a lot of information to weed through.

Columbia College

First of all, I like the nav bar at the top of the page that allows the different types of viewers to choose their version of the site. Most of what’s contained in these different versions is actually the same information, it’s just made searchable and deliverable in different ways. Take the “about” page for example; it’s the same page no matter how you got there (through the “student,” “faculty” or other homepages), but it’s nice to have the option of going to a homepage that’s tailored toward your needs.

Once you’re on the about page, when you navigate to another page from the menu, a breadcrumb system is enabled in the bar located under the title of the page (“about Columbia”). This bar is also color-coordinated with the title (in this case orange).

So when you choose “Why Columbia?” from the menu on the right, it takes you to that page while letting you know where you came from:

This page indicates “About Us> Why Columbia”

Very helpful in such a large site.

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