Krug Q&A #1

1. In Chapter 1, Krug lists things that makes one think. Give an example of something that makes you think when interacting with a site? Find an example, and include a link.
2. Give some examples of how one could create hierarchy, or indication of importance, on a web page. Include a couple links to pages that do both good and bad jobs of creating information architecture.
3. What are some conventions that you could see using? Your examples do not have to be listed in the book.


1. It’s annoying when the Name/logo of the site doesn’t link to the homepage. I feel like this is a convention now, and when it’s not the case I have to stop and think and find the “home” button.

hard to find way back home

2. creating hierarchy:

a.  size of type/image (larger=more important/relevant, smaller=less so)

good example -the headlines start large and get smaller according to the importance of the stories

b. location of info on page (top=more important/relevant, info becomes less so the further down the page it appears)

c. color of type/image (bolder/brighter=more important/relevant)

bad example -the use of the blue throughout the page makes it difficult to distinguish pieces of information

3. I will always put the name of the site at top of the page, maybe aligned right instead of left, but always at the top.It’s a convention that just makes too much sense. I wouldn’t want a client/customer to have to search for that. I’m also  a fan of the convention of breaking up pages into clearly defined sections. I usually design using a grid system, so this convention naturally follows in the final product. I want the sites I design to have a fresh and unique feel to them but also to be easily understood.





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