website write-up

I’ve been meaning to get a website up and running for years. One of the problems I’ve encountered (besides not knowing HOW to build a website)has been what to focus on content-wise.  I work in lots of arenas and  didn’t think they should all be included in one site. Now I can branch off of a main hub and create more niche sites for the different types of work I do.

The intention of for this portfolio assignment:

Eventually I’d like this site to perform in a more professional manner, but for right now it will function as an overall branding tool. I want to it to reflect my aesthetic and attitude towards design. It includes a variety of my work including:

-projects I’ve completed for school (mostly graphic design work)

-interior design projects from my apartment

-Trader Joe’s artwork

-photography I’ve taken for fun

-drawings, paintings and other fine art projects

In terms of branding, I’d like to establish a color palette, a typography palette and an overall tone of casual, functional design. The target audience at this point is mainly family, friends and school colleagues who can view the site and give me feedback.

Again, eventually this site will function as my professional portfolio; I’m just not quite there yet. After I take portfolio development next semester, I’m sure I’ll have a better handle on how to organize it.


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